Board of Directors

Beatrice Broadwater – President
William C. Patterson – Treasurer                                                                                                                  Christopher M. Trinka – Assistant Treasurer
Thomas A. Teeple – Secretary

Fran Condon
AJ Camhi
Gregg S. Fisher, CFA, CFP

Patricia Kolb, PhD
Walter L. Larkin III
Robert Lyons
Steve P. Morrows
Christopher Savoglou                                                                                                                                                 Jay Sherwood
William T. Sullivan

Management Team

Joseph H. Girven, Executive Director

Margaret Foley, Marketing Director

Christeena Baksh, Chief Operating Officer

Scott Gordon, Activities Director

Sole Member
James Lenox House Association, Inc.

“At age 95, my mother had difficulty caring for herself at home and moved to Carnegie East House. For seven years, until she passed away two months short of her 102nd birthday, she had a wonderful place to reside. I cannot thank everyone enough for the care, love and support that the staff provided her. She loved the companionship, the meetings and the music that she had over the last seven years. Her activities kept her youthful and made her life happy and meaningful.

The facility is not only conveniently located on the Upper East Side, but is very clean and comfortable. Most important was the staff that was there to help her. She looked on them as friends and it was obvious that they loved her in return.

All I can say is that I cannot thank you enough for allowing my mother to live such a long and comfortable life. I am sure that the extra years she had were due to the support she received at Carnegie East House.”

Marvin S. Gilbert, M.D., Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (11/27/17)

 "The minute you walk through the door at Carnegie East House you get a feeling of warmth and friendliness. I knew this was the place we wanted our mother to call home. At first, we were concerned as to how she would adjust after being on her own in a house for many years. But she soon settled in and made lots of friends with the residents and staff. Carnegie East House allowed her to maintain a sense of independence and receive the assistance she needed with daily activities. The staff treated her like family and were always willing to do those extra little things that made her feel special. She enjoyed the laughter they shared. My mother often said, "I miss my house but I'm very happy here and know I am lucky to be in a safe place with such nice people." Music was an important part of my mother's life so she always enjoyed the weekly Happy Hour and the many music events they had especially the Operas. I am so grateful that my mom was able to spend her last years in a warm friendly environment with such an impeccably high standard of care. We knew she was being watched over by very special people, her needs were met and when I came to visit, which was often, she greeted me with a big smile. CEH brought joy and a new meaning to her life ...she even looked younger! She was treated with dignity and cared for her with love. What a very special place!!"

—Patricia Grever-Quackenbush, daughter of former resident Dorothy Grever (9/5/2017)

“My mother, who moved to Carnegie East House at age 92, was a fulfilled and happy resident for just shy of 7 years. She immediately felt at ease in her lovely apartment and easily navigated the building, which is designed with seniors in mind. My mother enjoyed seeing her friends and dining in the spacious and pleasing dining room. She especially enjoyed the holiday festivities which enabled her to participate in the traditions and customs that she could no longer do on her own. In a nutshell, my mom loved living there as it provided safety, companionship and stimulation. She always appreciated the kindness and care given to her by all the staff. As the daughter of a resident, Carnegie East House provided me with peace of mind and comfort knowing that my mother was being well looked after and cared for. When I could not contact her and needed reassurance that she was ok, they willingly and patiently went to check on her and got back to me. I will be forever grateful to all the employees at Carnegie East House for ensuring that my mother’s final home was a joyful, fulfilling place for her.” 
— Susan Feldman, daughter of former resident, Shirley Feldman

“My mother recently passed away, and I am very happy that she spent the last six years of her life at Carnegie East House. Moving her here was one of the best decisions I have made. When it becomes time for the child to become the parent, this is the place that will allow your parent to live on his/her own with the assistance he/she needs to be happy and productive. I was able to go on vacations without having to worry and knowing that my mother was being taken care of.”
—Steven Klapisch, son of former resident, Gloria Klapisch

“Carnegie East House saved us.  Literally.  Our Dad was Mom’s best friend and loving partner for sixty years and when he passed away, we worried how she would function and how we could ensure her safety while helping her maintain as much independence as she could handle.  Once she moved into CEH, she was on her way.  Thanks to their caring and talented staff, her days were filled with activities she enjoyed and a community of new friends.  Nine years later, with her health failing, she was treated with dignity and love by those at CEH, who took care of her as all of us would wish to be.  Our family recommends CEH wholeheartedly as place of professionalism, liveliness, warmth and comfort.”
—The Kinberg Family

“This operation is run very well, on all levels. Every staff member does more than you expect from them. With Hurricane Sandy roaring outside, the staff made us feel safe and secure.”
—Gerry Lukeman, resident of Carnegie East House.

“When I needed more help I moved to Carnegie East House. I like the staff, all the way down, and Joe, the Executive Director, is a big help. Socializing is very important to me, the dining room is good for that, and movies every night. A fabulous place.”
—Jean Weinberg, former resident of Carnegie East House

“Carnegie East House was home to my Dad for over 7 years. Having him in my neighborhood and knowing he was comfortable and happy was priceless to me. Sometimes it was hard to reach him on the phone… but that’s only because he was enjoying a movie or concert or a class downstairs. He had a full life there with friends, activities and a truly caring staff and I know that’s a big part of why he remained so young at heart.”
—Amy McGraime, daughter of former resident, Mort McGraime

“My mother has been a resident and happy recipient of the spectacular care provided by the incredible professional staff for a decade. From Joe Girven, at the very top, down to the front desk personnel, everybody gives all they can and you can see and feel it the minute you step into the building. The bottom line is that not only do I recommend Carnegie East to all of my friends, but I can see myself happy there some time in the future. Just tell Joe that Laurie sent you!”
—Laurie Peil

“My mother lived at CEH for four years.  She reluctantly moved there after living an extremely rich and independent life.  After she made her apartment her “own”, she became involved in many activities.  She played bridge and went to classes.  Nothing could prevent her from attending Shakespeare class on Wednesday afternoons.  She developed friendships with other residents.  The staff was accommodating and caring; often coming in just to see how my mother was doing.  My mother declared that CEH was the best place for her.  I agreed.  It had become her home.”
—Joan Ansell

“During the eight years that my mother was a CEH resident, I spent a great deal of time with her and developed wonderful relationships with the staff, just as my mother did. Every level of staff–from the activities director, to the front desk, to the personal care workers, maintenance workers, and administrative staff—truly cared about doing their best for the residents and their families. Everyone worked together to create a supportive, vibrant community. Choosing CEH was the best decision my mother and I could possibly have made.”
—Judy Friedman